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Job # 2497 M/S, ICU, ER, OR RN's, Virginia Apply

Rural, eastern VA, mostly evenings/nights

Job # 2499 Med/Surg, Telemetry, Arizona Apply
200 beds 12-hour shifts, days and nights, 1+ yrs experience
Job # 2500 ER, OR, OB, ICU, Arizona Apply
40 minutes of city
Job # 2501 ICU, PACU, Telemetry, OR, ER, M/S, Rural Arizona Apply
150 beds, need staff nurses 1+ yrs exp.
Job # 2502 Nurse Recruiter, Rural Arizona Apply
RN/BSN, 2-4 yrs exp. similar
Job # 2503 Staff Nurses, California (central) Apply
Within driving distance of Fresno, 21.66+/hour, 6+ months exp
Job # 2504 Head Nurses(4 openings), California (central) Apply
Needed for TransCare, Observation Unit, Surgery, and Sub-Acute
$25-35/hour, Top 100 Cardiac Hospital
Job # 2505 CU, ER, Telemetry, OR, New Hampshire Apply
(70 beds) beautiful location, all shifts, 1+ years exp.
Job # 2506 CRNA, Vermont Apply
(100 beds) 90-110K, brand new, state of the art, new grads welcome
Job # 2507 Nurse Practitioner, Vermont Apply
Occupational Health, 150+ bed facility
Job # 2508 ICU, Telemetry, ER, Vermont Apply
Staff, 1+ yrs, salary neg.
Job # 2509 Nurse Educators (2), Vermont Apply

Diabetes and Staff Development, salaries neg.

Job # 2510 N's(ICU & Telemetry), Arizona Apply

Great location near city….mainly night shifts, excellent pay, relo + SO

Job # 2511 Nurses, Colorado Apply

Mid-sized city, 75 beds, 3 suites, no heart or neuro, 1+ yrs exp.

Job # 2512 Staff RN's(All Units), Kansas Apply

Rural hospital, western part of state, all needs, all shifts!!

Job # 2513 S/NP for ICU, Kansas Apply

One or more years experience, very negotiable on salary

Job # 2514 Cath Lab RN's, Kansas Apply

One or more years experience

Job # 2515 RN-OR, Kansas Apply

Must have open heart experience

Job # 2516 OB(nights), Washington Apply

Rural hospital, 50+ beds, pay well, interview expenses, S.O., & relo

Job # 2517 ER(evening/nights), Washington Apply

Rural hospital, 50+ beds, pay well, interview expenses, S.O., & relo

Job # 2518 M/S(evening/nights), Washington Apply

Rural hospital, 50+ beds, pay well, interview expenses, S.O., & relo

Job # 2519 House Supervisor, Washington Apply

Rural hospital, 50+ beds, pay well, interview expenses, S.O., & relo

Job # 2520 ICU, ER, M/S RN's, Eastern North Carolina Apply

130 bed hospital, fairly rural, needs 1+ year experience, days/nights

Job # 2521 M/S, OB, OR RN's, New Mexico Apply

Rural 100-beds, 6 months exp, $15.12+ salary, work FAST!!

Job # 2522 Nurse Practitioner/PA, North Carolina Apply

General Practice, all ages, rural practice in southern part of state

Job # 2523 Quality Project Specialist, Vermont Apply

Oversee regs/accreditation standards, QI Team, policy development

Job # 2524 ICU, M/s, OR RN's, Eastern Virginia Apply

Small, 70+ bed hospital in rural VA near water in need of RN's

Job # 2433 Advanced Practice Nursing Candidates Apply

Job # 2453 Nurse Manager for Cardiovascular Services Apply
RN, BSN with CV surgery experience. 24 bed medical /Cardiology and 2 assist. Nurse managers. 400+ bed in S.E./ $$ up to 60k nego.
Job # 2454 Skilled /LTC Nursing Director, N.C. Apply
Part of Gen/Acute hospital. Strong Exp. as manager, RN, BSN, Masters nice!! Must be familiar with regulations of LTC. $60's nego.
Job # 2456 Staff Nurses/RN's Apply
Job # 2437 Clincal Nurse Specialist Apply
Needed for Surgery, Psy., Critical Care, Perinatal, Pediatrics, Oncology, Med/Surg, Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Neuro, and other specialties!!!!
Job # 2530 Nurse Recruiter, Arizona(rural) Apply
150+ beds, $15.50-19.34/hour, Bachelors, RN













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