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Nursing Administration Positions

Job # 2441 Chief Nursing Officer needed for Florida Apply
Facility is 400+ beds. Must have Masters in healthcare related area. 5+ years experience as Nursing Administrator or DON. Strong communicator and leader qualities! $100K+
Job # 2438 Chief Clinical Officers/CNE/CNO/V.P., Nursing, Nursing Administrator Apply
Must have experience in operations, reorganizations, expansions, etc. Positions prefer a Masters prepared candidate and RN is a requirement.
Job # 2439 CNE/COO/V.P., Patient Care openings in Tx., Fl., Il, S.C., Tn. Apply
Must have Masters in health related area.
Job # 2440 CNO Apply
150 bed facility in Va., beautiful area. Seeking candidates That are experienced in construction phase and relocation to New facility. $80K's nego.
Job # 2549 Chief Nursing Officer/CNE/CNO, PA Apply

Chief Nursing Officer/CNE/CNO for hospital in Pa. Seeking seasoned Director of Nursing. Hospital in the planning stages of brand new building. Contruction experience is great. Strong leader that is willing to assist staff in mentoring and education. Masters degree in Healthcare or Business Adm. $nego.

Job # 2550 Chief Nursing Office, MS Apply

140 bed facility. Exp. as ADON or DON or CNE/CNO. Masters degree preferred. RElocation package and bonus plan. $nego.

Job # 2551 CNO/CNE /Chief Nursing Officer, Texas Apply

Hospital in Texas. RN+Masters preferred. Strong Nursing Director experience!! 160 beds. $nego.

Job # 2552 CNE, SC Apply

CNE for 500+ bed hospital system in S.C. requires Masters degree. Strong Clinical knowledge and Administrative leadership experience. Exp. in for profit highly preferred. $$nego.


DON/DIRECTOR OF NURSING FOR HOSPITAL IN ARIZONA!! 90 BED FACILITY. REP. TO CEO. Exp. as DON or Assistant Director. STrong experience as Team Leader and mentor for nursing staff. Strong communication and clinical nursing skills. RN+ Masters pref. $nego.


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